Products that Promote Attachment and Bonding

 Products that Promote Attachment and Bonding

Use the following items to promote attachment and bonding with your baby or child.

Want to create a strong attachment with your newborn? These parenting tips can show you how to respond to your baby’s cues and ensure they have the best possible foundation for life.

Ergo Baby and Toddler Carrier –  This Ergo baby carrier is great for babies and toddlers. It helps protect your back while promoting close contact. Wear your baby or toddler for as many hours as you possibly can while doing other activities around the house and in the community.

Co Sleeper– If possible, allow baby to sleep in your room some or all of the time when first developing attachment. This co-sleeper keeps baby near you without the worries of rolling over on him or her in your bed.

Cozy sleep Blanket– This beautiful blanket is perfect for mom and baby or child to cuddle up in together. Watch TV together, read books together, or use it as a tent for some extra cuddle time. For an older child with sensory issues, use it with 2 adults as a gentle sensory swing.

Baby Bath Time – A regular bath time regime soothes baby, helps baby to relax and feel comforted. Enhances sleep and is a great opportunity for parents and babies to play and bond.

A secure attachment bond teaches your baby to trust you, to communicate their feelings to you, and eventually to trust others as well. As you and your baby connect with one another, your baby learns how to have a healthy sense of self and how to be in a loving, empathetic relationship.


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